Wedding music

Variety of bridal marches .
Gathered in the love of Christ.
Be light for our eyes .

Sing alleuia
Eagles wings
The lords my shepherd
I will be the vine
We will serve The Lord
Mo ghra thu a thiarna

Where your treasure is
Set your heart on higher gifts
Ah criost an soil

You are mine
Clare benediction
Wherever you go
Ave Maria
The prayer
Nella fantasia
The voyage
My Lagan love

As the above list provides only some samples of the material I cover, I am always open to your suggestions .

Funeral music

Nearer my god to thee
City of god
Abide with me
Morning has broken
Amazing grace
The clouds veil
The hiding place
Voice of an angel
Going home
Song of farewell
The Lord is my shepherd
Mo ghra thu
Ah criost an soil
Take me home
To where you are